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Compared with the Mediterranean Region, Ayvalik and his area has a quiet lovely atmosphere; that’s why more and more visitors are coming to Ayvalik in the summer months. Ayvalik is a charming town on the Aegean coast; 2 hours by bus from Izmir and 45 km from Pergamon. Just to walk around in Ayvalik in the old part of town with lovely old turkish and greek houses is fun.To visit the harbour where fisihing and sightseeing boats are laying, where restautrants and cafes are facing the sea, and the weekly market and bazaar in town is a must for visitors in Ayvalik.

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Also Cunda (Alibey Island) which is connected with the mainland can be visited by a small ferry which is leaving every hour or by buses which are going every 30 minutes. Alibey – Cunda Island is a historical location with a nice old town, very good and famous sea food restaurants, souvenir shops, cafes along the sea and harbour.

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Exploring Cunda and Ayvalik is really intresting, but our region have a lot more objects of intrest. Seytansofrasi (the Devilsplate) is a hill with a amazing panoramaview around the 3 bays and about 23 islands in this landscape. To watch the sunset there is unforgettable. One of the most famous archeological exavation in Turkey is only 45 km from our town. Pergamon the ancient city with world famous, temples, theaters and the old libary can be visited. Also the anicent legandary city of Troy is not that far.